The Sun TV – Jodie Marsh

The Sun TV Magazine sent me to shoot Jodie Marsh.

The setting was a basement room at the Charlotte Street Hotel and we set up as Jodie embarked on several phone interviews. This was for a pair of documentaries she had made, one on the use of steroids and another on prostitution, I have never seen either of these so I am ill equipped to judge on the tone, but from the interviews she gave the impression that she genuinely cared about making a product that seriously approached these subjects. For instance she told stories of exceptionally young girls with terrible back stories, who have nothing. And how she became angry at an American prostitute who told the most excruciatingly bizarre mother/son story that would be unprintable anywhere. When a journalist mentioned that she had  started some faddy new diet, Jodie berated her, offering advice away from the interview…

Blog Jodie-Marsh-01

The magazine wanted a fairly serious portrait for serious sounding subjects, but Jodie automatically went into ‘model’ mode (which is fair enough), so we just got upbeat shots with the 5 – 10 minutes we had…

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