Inky Cloak – Duchess of Malfi Kickstarter

I was asked by theatre company Inky Cloak to make a short film and take a portrait for a poster for a kick-starter campaign. The following is from their website:

‘We have re-worked The Duchess Of Malfi and cast a third-gender performer in the title role to create a powerful tragedy spotlighting the new wave of discrimination, violence and murder that is stalking trans communities across the world.’

I had worked with journalist Daniel Fulvio on past assignments and he and co founder Martin Moriarty wrote a script and provided a link to the John Waters film Mondo Trasho, which was an inspiration for the piece:

It was shot at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, which is literally like stepping into a bygone era.  We had four hours allocated and as you can imagine hair and make-up, courtesy of Stephanie Stokkvik, were important for this so took a little while to perfect. And we were adapting the already great content slightly as we went. Which towards the end left us shooting while a club night was being prepped for around us!  There was another functioning bar downstairs for the locals, God knows what these elderly men would have thought of the topless Ariel Mermaid and kinky Care Bears that were being arranged for the evenings entertainment…

The video is here:

This left us setting up a white backdrop in the lobby to get the shots of actor La JohnJoseph… But it always works well with a good team…

Duchess 01.3

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