Wired – Lee Cronin

Lee Cronin is Regius Chair of Chemistry in the Department Chemistry at the University of Glasgow. A smart man… I was sent up by Wired to shoot a portrait and some video…

Working labs are tricky. There are experiments being conducted and therefore plenty of ‘stuff’ on shelves and workspaces…

We found a blank wall I set up. Unfortunately it was an area which was empty, but was having building works done and a soon as we started shooting a foreman turned up firmly stating we couldn’t be there. The inspectors were in. And to be honest at a second look, it was a little on the rough side…

So we relocated to the safe environment of his office, attaching lighting to shelves and placing on desks…

Blog Lee Cronin

But by the time we got the shot, there was rapidly vanishing time to shoot video, and I had to get the kit (which had thankfully been carted up from London) back to Calumet Glasgow. I had 20 minutes to set up (including microphones, God how I value sound guys!…).

When finished I went sprinting out of the building (I say sprinting, but if you’ve ever had to carry a metal case containing 2 Arri Redheads you know that i’m exaggerating…) to find a Taxi. And with 10 minutes to get to Calumet before closing and becoming stranded with the kit (that kit ain’t getting’ on no plane…) the Taxi driver managed to do what great taxi drivers do, avoid all traffic, take a random short cut and get me there with a minute to spare! That man earned his tip…

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