Wired – Algorave

The Stubnitz is a an ex transport ship built in 1964 that has been given new life as a mobile cultural vessel…

Algorave 03 Blog


As a venue the interior is unusual with the various platforms and levels that you would expect to find on a large ship…

We shot portraits in the engine room, it was impressive, old dials, pistons and machinery adorned the location, while the floors were health hazards, covered in oil…

Communication was hampered by the many languages spoken by the people on the boat. We were in the engine room when angry German man stared shouting at us, he calmed down after a minute or so and we thought we were in the clear. Then I was left on my own when another angry German man came down and shouted at me… in German, which was really of no use to either of us…

I did that Steve McClaren thing of trying to talk to him in an accent and shrugged a little, but this did nothing to stop his raised voiced, and he continued to shout… which annoyed me … and then we started having a heated conversation which neither of us was winning until help came. 

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